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  • Child mind 13-Jan-2017

    My experience its 9years now working with a kids and I am ln love with the kids so much and take for them olways till the parents be back to take them no problem for that for me am a hard working lady with the kids at South Africa I really love them. I have a certificate olso professional child mind, first aid kits and computer thanks

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  • Can I take care of the child without pedagogical formation? Last updated by Grace: 13-Jan-2017

    Is pedagogical training a must for a babysitter? The job is about taking care of a 2 year old child. Thanks to everybody
    Kind regards,

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    • Yes u need to love and care with the kids and you work with you experience that u have with them thanks

      13-Jan-2017 Reply to Grace
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  • chilol mind 13-Jan-2017

    I think they are making sure that you know u jobs or you know that working with a kids and you have care and love with the kids thanks

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  • They have put a camera in the the child's room. What does it mean? Last updated by Amelia: 23-May-2016

    Good afternoon. I am taking care of a child and have been working in this family for 3 month already. Yesterday I came there and noticed that they've put a camera in the child's room. They didn't tell me anything, that they were unhappy with me or they wanted to see what I do with the child... What can it mean? and what should I do?

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    • All the people should know that they are being watched. You can ask the mother of a child if they've put a camera

      23-May-2016 Reply to Amelia
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