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  • Working with children Last updated by Demi: 07-Feb-2017

    My younger brother has just come out of a very difficult and turbulent period, and seeing how much help he’s had from some support services has made me realise that I’d love to be able to do this sort of thing for others. Are there any special requirements for jobs dealing with children and young people? And does this type of job pay enough to make a profession of it? Thanks.

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    • In general it’ll depend on the post itself, a position in a summer camp has different requirements from a position in a residential care institution. In all cases, everyone working with children is required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service check. After that, qualifications and experience will be determined by the position.

      03-Feb-2017 Reply to Steph
    • It’s always good to have some knowledge on basic health issues, plenty of common sense to safeguard their physical integrity and a good understanding of the human psyche and of behavioural patterns.

      07-Feb-2017 Reply to Demi
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  • Type of work contract Last updated by Jodie: 12-Feb-2016

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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    • primary teaching or working with people with disablities

      12-Feb-2016 Reply to Jodie
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  • My dream job Last updated by sarah aitchison: 28-Oct-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • working in a school with special needs children

      28-Oct-2015 Reply to sarah aitchison
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