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  • Cruise ship Last updated by Loreen: 15-May-2017

    Travelling is my passion and working in a cruise ship would be ideal for me. It's just I'm not familiar with the requirements.

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    • Apart from the obvious, which is that you've got to be a good traveller and customer oriented, the rest will depend on the job you're looking for. A cruise ship is like a floating city with the same if not more services you'd expect to have in your village plus amenities to keep the passenger busy for as long as the cruise lasts. so the requirements will vary depending on the job. It's not the same to be a bar tender as a shop assistant or a lifeguard, to mention just some.

      15-May-2017 Reply to Zoie
      • I see, I suppose it's not that simple. I'm thinking about working in a restaurant. I'll look for options and will see the requirements and wages too. Thanks!

        15-May-2017 Reply to Loreen
        • I meant to say before but forgot. If you're working you're not travelling, I mean, you don't have that much spare time, plus you're often very tired. Just saying as you mentioned travelling as your passion.

          15-May-2017 Reply to Zoie
          • Yes, I can imagine. It's just that otherwise I'd have no chances of going places, so though I may get little time to visit, it's better thank nothing, which is what i'd get otherwise. LOL

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  • My dream job Last updated by Jasmine: 22-Dec-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • my dream job is to work on bored a cruise ship has been for years

      10-Dec-2015 Reply to wayne gibbons
    • My ideal job is clerical job or' waiter and i am sports man

      22-Dec-2015 Reply to Jasmine
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