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  • Customer Assistant Last updated by Minie: 11-May-2017

    I'm outward going, patient and very good with people. I'd like to go into customer service, but since what seems to be needed comes so naturally to me I have the 'fear' that it's impossible to get decent wages, especially when the effort it will mean to me is so little. I know it sounds a bit strange but that's how I feel about it. can it be that the average wage is 17k?

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    • Although it depends on the city, company and actual job, I'd say that as a starters the avg wage is 14k. Though as I say it'll depend on several aspects, so it can vary a bit.

      11-May-2017 Reply to Oscar
      • Sometimes you can also get bonuses if you work overtime. That can bring £6 to £11 per hour.

        11-May-2017 Reply to Mary
        • Thank you all, this helps me get the picture. Not bad when the skills come naturally to you!

          11-May-2017 Reply to Minie
          • You're right, but don't forget that it can also be a wearing job as you are at the receiving end of complaints and demands, and these don't always come in a rational manner, if you see what I mean.

    • Thanks Mary, I guess you're right. I'll bear it in mind.

      11-May-2017 Reply to Minie
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