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  • jobs not available? Last updated by Teagan: 19-Jul-2017

    It surprises that in the times we’re living it’s so difficult to find a job in the field of data cabling engineering.

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    • Well, it’s not dead easy, though I wouldn’t say it’s that difficult either. Most of my mates found work relatively quickly. I’m a bit slower, but then again I wasn’t focusing during my studies and had to add another year to my time in uni, Let me tell you, it sucks, if I were to start again I’d definitely do things differently.

      17-Jul-2017 Reply to Odin
      • Well I’ve been searching for 3 months now and no luck so far.

        17-Jul-2017 Reply to Teagan
        • Are you not being a bit impatient?

          19-Jul-2017 Reply to Walker
          • ??

    • Normally finding work takes time, that’s all.Best

      19-Jul-2017 Reply to Walker
      • I suppose you're right ...

        19-Jul-2017 Reply to Teagan
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