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  • Drivers mate Last updated by Josh: 19-Apr-2017

    As a drivers mate can I expect to be able to drive plenty or only as support on long journeys?

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    • The driver will always be the main driver, as a drivers mate your task is to provide support. sometimes, depending on the driver, you may be able to share a bit on regular occasions, but that's not the norm.

      19-Apr-2017 Reply to Josh
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  • Requirements for drivers mates? Last updated by Will: 17-Nov-2016

    Any specific qualifications to work as a driver’s mate? I love the idea but don’t know the requirements. thanks

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    • No formal qualifications required. But there are common requirements like basic knowledge in mechanics for minor repairs, in English and maths for the paperwork involved. Most times you’re expected to have a driver’s license. You need to be physically fit to pack, load, unload… It's a tough job but it gets you places.

      11-Nov-2016 Reply to Will
      • I love driving and travelling, do girls stand a chance in this field?

        11-Nov-2016 Reply to Martha
        • I don’t want to discourage you but you may find some reluctance there… though i think that if you try you may be able to break the prejudice

          11-Nov-2016 Reply to Benj
          • Thanks Benj, I’d say I can manage. If the problem is female physique, it’s not a real problem for me as I’m strongly built and do plenty of sport, boxing for one!

    • Mmm

      17-Nov-2016 Reply to Benj
      • by the way , what wages should i expect?

        17-Nov-2016 Reply to Ed
        • roughly, between 100 gbp and 170 gbp x week, depending on the sector

          17-Nov-2016 Reply to Will
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