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  • Back on track Last updated by Ruth: 20-Jun-2017

    I trained as accounting technician and started to work for a big company. Shortly after I stopped to look after my kids. Now. 15 years later, they are a bit older and I'd like to go back to work. Any chances I'll be able to get a job without taking any courses?

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    • I don't want to discourage you, but I'd say that after 15 years and no additional training you won't have it easy, I'd say you'd be better off if you took some course to bring yourself up to date.

      20-Jun-2017 Reply to Sandy
      • Thank you Sandy, it's just that the thought of starting again is a tough prospect at this stage of my life

        20-Jun-2017 Reply to Ruth
        • Well, if you want to get a job you've got to make yourself valuable in the current context, which is not the same as a few years ago.

          20-Jun-2017 Reply to Sandy
        • Plus it doesn't have to be a degree. there're plenty of courses that will give you all you need.

          20-Jun-2017 Reply to Sandy
          • I suppose you're right. thanks.

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