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  • flt license Last updated by Tim: 24-Jul-2017

    I’d like to get a flt license and I’m not sure about the costs, can anybody help?

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    • It depends on the kind of course you need. Are you looking to refresh? If so, it’s about 100 gbp

      20-Jul-2017 Reply to Ian
      • Well not quite, I’m totally new to it.

        21-Jul-2017 Reply to Lawrence
        • in that case, it can cost you up to 800gbp I think.

          24-Jul-2017 Reply to Tim
          • jeez, not cheap, is it? is the course very long?

    • Yeah, not cheap, but I guess you’ve to see it for what it is, training that will open doors for you and allow you to earn a living.

      24-Jul-2017 Reply to Tim
    • no idea, I’d say a week or so.

      24-Jul-2017 Reply to Tim
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