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  • Home based Last updated by Don: 21-Feb-2017

    I’ve just had my second baby and I’m considering a home based position. I’m a software developer with 7yrs experience. Of course, my decision will be conditioned by the pay. The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to find the pay detail associated to this position. Can anybody help me with this?

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    • It’ll definitely depend on the position and the experience you have. If the average salary is 31K, I’d say you can count on a little less. Having said that, I’d say it’ll be highly determined by your experience.

      20-Feb-2017 Reply to Christy
    • 25k to 35k. I agree, it’ll probably come down to experience and the value (don’t get me wrong) of your profile.

      21-Feb-2017 Reply to Don
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