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  • Porter Last updated by Logan: 15-Nov-2016

    I’d like to get a job as a hospital porter, can anybody help with the requirements?

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    • There are no specific requirements. Like with similar jobs, I’m sure you’ll be expected to have good communication skills, and gentle care to be able to deal nicely with patients and their families. Character is an important aspect I’m sure, as you should probably be able to cope well with sickness and death, and also for sure you’d be expected to be able to react with calm but quickly when there’s an emergency.

      10-Nov-2016 Reply to Logan
      • Do you know if it's easy to get a job temporarily, for example for the holiday periods?

        15-Nov-2016 Reply to Tim
        • Uff, no idea, but I'd say that they probably need extra staff at holiday periods. I wouldn't think it's exactly the same as in shopping centres, when extra staff is needed, but definitely, for example at Christmas, people tend to take days off and somebody has to do the job. If the hospital is big or part of a corporation they may have enough staff to organise shifts, but in relatively small ones they may take on new staff temporarily. You can only try

          15-Nov-2016 Reply to Logan
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  • My dream job Last updated by Steve: 08-Sep-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • working in a zoo, looking after animals and mucking out cages of none
      Dangerous animals. or working as an hospital porter,
      or playing for spurs.

      04-Sep-2015 Reply to Andrew kaye Sparsholtt
    • My ideal job is any thing you can give me

      08-Sep-2015 Reply to Steve
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