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  • cleaning job Last updated by Sam: 27-Jul-2017

    wanting job as cleaner in scarborough please email them to me

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    • If you're interested in a job you should look for it actively and apply to the one/s that you're interested in.

      12-Jan-2017 Reply to Julia
    • I've done housekeeping x domestic cleaning for 30 yrs. Im 46 yrs old and i want to go back to work after a yrs break. But no ones interested. Everything is agency which is no good for me. I need a solid work area where i can happily be. As i have a 7 yr old daughter. Something local and around 16 hrs a week evenings

      27-Jul-2017 Reply to Louiseh
      • Have you approached the hotels in your area personally? It might be a better solution. I dunno, just guessing...

        27-Jul-2017 Reply to Sam
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  • Cleaning housekeeper Last updated by Annette: 26-Feb-2017

    I am looking for any job in hotel.

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    • I am Annette and I am looking for a job in a hotel as a housekeeper in Bromley

      26-Feb-2017 Reply to Annette
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  • room cleaning 24-Feb-2017

    Now I'm live in Dubai my country name Pakistan and I'm work in Dubai my company not good I'm change the wiza plzzz help me because I have many responsibility

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  • Decency Last updated by Cris: 23-Jan-2017

    I've been cleaning hotel rooms for years and of late I'm finding that in general they're left in a worse state than they used to before. Is it me, or does anybody else find that this is the case? It annoys me a lot because it shows absolute lack of consideration, it's the old attitude 'since I pay'...

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    • I'm with you, I've noticed that lately too. It definitely shown a certain attitude. One thing is to leave things without cleaning, which is normal, this is why you're going to a hotel, so that you don't have to clean after yourself. Very different though is to find the place in an absolute mess, with food and all sorts of dirt around...

      23-Jan-2017 Reply to Sila
      • I agree. In my hotel we have a new policy and inform all guests as they book their room. If the state of the room is not acceptable we keep an extra charge that is made to their visa when booking. If the room is in a decent state, it's immediately returned...

        23-Jan-2017 Reply to Cris
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  • My dream job Last updated by my name is phiona nansubuga: 22-Jan-2017

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Id love to work on a ship

      12-Apr-2016 Reply to Terry Lynn Graham-Moon
    • My ideal job is cleaner

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to Ramzean
    • housekeeping room attandant

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Arvind
    • Kindly l need this job.

      12-Aug-2016 Reply to Airins david
    • I have been a cleaner for 20 years I have cleaned schools offices and a church I have also cleaned in a hotel

      28-Nov-2016 Reply to Christine Chatteris
    • My dream job is cleaning rooms and hotels live in Huddersfield please

      22-Jan-2017 Reply to my name is phiona nansubuga
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