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  • Need a change Last updated by Kelly: 04-Nov-2016

    I’m 10 years in retail, but now with my child being nearly 3 I’d like a career change to get something that allows me to be home after noon. I’m considering housekeeping, particularly in old people’s homes or hospitals and so be home early. Would it be the same if I worked at a private house? Is there a tendency in relation to timetables there?

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    • Housekeeping in a private home will have variable times depending on the owner and circumstances. Hospitals and nursing homes tend to have morning shifts. A private home gives you the flexibility to be able to discuss a change of times in years to come, and a hospital or a nursing home offers you a more general type of work, not as down to detail if you know what I mean. Also you get given indications as to how to proceed, which is always a plus.

      04-Nov-2016 Reply to Kelly
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