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  • My dream job Last updated by Karen Perkins: 20-Nov-2017 View last comments

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My dream job would be a teaching assistant to be able to support the teacher also the children

      12-Apr-2016 Reply to Donna Sutton
    • my ideal job is panel wiring department manager.

      12-Apr-2016 Reply to Paul Hogg
    • My ideal job is live in estate care taker.

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to James Black
    • My ideal job is working with people, lots of typing, little filing. Organising diaries, meeting rooms and conferences. Dealing with clients/public on the telephone, message taking prioritising and forwarding. Some photocopying, scanning etc.

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to Susan Burke
      • You could do charity fundraising and organisation that's a good role i.e. Secetery

        28-Dec-2016 Reply to Shannon greenwood
    • My ideal job is Something to do with crafts. I love all sorts of crafts and would love to share all my knowledge with someone. Ideally going round schools or after school clubs to show the children and perhaps read a book that I have written myself to them.

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to Pamela May Jones.
    • Mobile crane operator and mechanic

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to Efleric Dzidefo- Agbemafle
    • My ideal job is school escort in gosport

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to john hatch
    • My ideal job is babysit, clean rooms, help teachers organize the books, to feed to children, dressing and more utilities where I can also learn the language and aprefeiçoar and also help in the computer.
      I want a new job where I can be useful and have a different task than I have done during my comoadministrativa life.
      I know I'm a competent person, zealous and very much like to meet the tasks they impose.

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to imaculada
    • My dream job would be as a prove reader

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to Jennie Davidson
    • My ideal job is To work with a living artist

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to keith hall
    • My ideal job is Packaged tape or storage, in agriculture or farm animals

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to Rata Cristian
    • My ideal job is classic car body restorer always learning on the job

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to Kevin Wilson
    • My ideal job is cscs cleaner.

      17-Apr-2016 Reply to roy appleton
      • Hi Roy, you can actually apply for your cscs card at potential skills, they have different branches where you can go and learn, there biased, Bradford and Halifax or if you go into learn direct potent you can have a look at the different courses they do. Hope this helps ,

        28-Dec-2016 Reply to Shannon greenwood
    • My ideal job is care worker

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to kimberley whinn
    • My ideal job is to be a performer, i would really like to make a career from; performing my set ( musical/guitar/beatbox collaberation ). i really think this would be my perfect dream job, because people seem to like my set already with just my guitar and vocals but i no if i had the correct equipment then i could rock. this would give me as much pleasure singing and performing as it would the audience listening and dancing.

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Tommy Edmondson
    • My ideal job is a full time permanently role within a property company or working full time as trader in a stocks and shares company in London.

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Anne Roberts
    • My ideal job is packing ( cloths or food) kind of

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to Samantha Chandrasiri
    • My ideal job is to be home instead of being away from my gal would like a job with prospects in the catering world.

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to Kevin
    • Finance job

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to Leo
    • To be a careers advisor, or something to do with training or development. I get a real sense of pride and achievement from seeing someone excel and knowing I helped them

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to Rachel
    • My ideal job is nail technician

      21-Apr-2016 Reply to James Carey
    • Product developer

      21-Apr-2016 Reply to James
    • My ideal job is any with a lot money

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Harry
    • My ideal job is AIR PORT Cleaner,Because Am work in Dubai international Airport terminal 2 company name MAX CARE

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Md Tareq Aziz
    • Dog handler at an airport

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Thomas Panton
    • I would love to work at the airport heathrow customer service or welcoming people to the airport meet and greet

      23-Apr-2016 Reply to Philippa Gregory
    • A place where there is real team work and a great working atmosphere. A project or idea, where everyone’s opinion counts. Somewhere where you can interact to a lot of people, travel, represent the company in all kind of events and make new customers according to your personality rather than the usual aggressive cold calling which put many customers off and that I think it´s totally unnecessary these days to find new customers. A company where the ideas of everyone willing to contribute have a space and where people’s skills are known very well, so if there are better roles or tasks to carry out, you can maximise the proper use of the human recourses of the company. A company, where from the cleaning staff to the general manager, they all share a common mission and have a clear vision to be able to work in a coordinated fashion to achieve the company’ success.

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to Layla
      • Brilliant dream job honesty, it's so hard to find jobs with all this criteria

        28-Dec-2016 Reply to Shannon greenwood
    • My ideal job working from home Sales and Administration

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to Ryan
    • Cooking, taking care of babies and arranging things at home

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to Matthew
    • My ideal job is to work on military vechcals

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to dominic
    • Barmaid

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to Millie
    • My ideal job would be
      Construction Quality Assurance

      26-Apr-2016 Reply to paul
    • My ideal job is close protection but i need training

      27-Apr-2016 Reply to Martin Humphrey
      • update, I just want any job at all.

        09-Aug-2016 Reply to Roxanne
    • a handymans apprentice

      28-Apr-2016 Reply to Darren
    • My ideal job is in milk factory

      30-Apr-2016 Reply to md rafiqul
    • My ideal job is cleaning because lots of experience about cleaning in my daily life

      01-May-2016 Reply to Erin
    • My ideal job is countryside ranger

      01-May-2016 Reply to simon cordwell
    • Working from home is my only option. I have hydrocephalus and cannot walk very far and have bad balance & no transport so I am looking for Virtual Assistant or similar.

      10-Aug-2016 Reply to Diane Broad
    • looking for work as a head ranger for a land/coastal game reserve.

      06-Dec-2016 Reply to craig
    • My ideal job fashion designing, I'd also love to teach it for all age in college's or school's as I have done in the past. Ideally i would like to work designing /pattern cutting for an innovative luxury women's wear company

      06-Dec-2016 Reply to Peter Beckford
    • My dream job is to be a medical doctor

      11-Dec-2016 Reply to omoh_lara101
    • Bonjour et bonne réception et lecture.
      Mon métier de rêve est d'être un chef d'agence de vente des voitures et gérer le service commercial d'une part.
      D'autre part d'être un management d'un restaurant d'hôtel de lux.
      Dernièr travail de rêve responsable d'une usine de fabrication produit alimentaire

      13-Dec-2016 Reply to Nachid
    • My dream jobs is to be a child minder

      20-Dec-2016 Reply to Kayleigh
    • My dream job is to a role model manager who will help young people to grow on their fields and to more resouceve to the community around them...

      23-Dec-2016 Reply to Kepha naphtal
    • My dream job, would be the job of industrial sewing machinist, for clothing manufacturer, but for a company that appreciates they employees not one that repeatedly doesn't, pay there employees, and doesn't,t repeatedly put there company into voluntary liquidation when they spent everything is there any garment manufacture s who really do believe in MADE IN BRITAIN I,m available immediately

      19-Feb-2017 Reply to Nicci
    • I would love to be a game keeper in scotland hand on with forestry planting trees looking after wild life

      26-Jul-2017 Reply to Jessy
    • My ideal job would be a child psychologist but at 49 and having not worked for over 20 years I think it is a dream

      19-Sep-2017 Reply to DebG
    • Hello, l am searching for a Facilities Assistant role this for me would be heaven.l am currently going through a career change and just need a chance to prove my transferable skills to a worthwhile company who values it's employees'.

      Kind regards,

      Marcus Hawkins.

      02-Oct-2017 Reply to Marcus Hawkins
      • I would apply to as many posts as possible, so as to have access to as many interviews as I could and show my value. best.

        03-Oct-2017 Reply to Nika
    • My Ideal job is in Warehouse Administration, i have done it in the past and loved it, job satisfaction which i loved and enjoyed so much, i also enjoy making spread sheets

      26-Oct-2017 Reply to Ollie Harris
    • Hard working experienced iwouid love to work in a generall store serving the public love to socialise and great people with a smile

      09-Nov-2017 Reply to Tina
    • My ideal job is to be a Receptionist/Telephonist/Administrator, or a Data Entry Operator. I'm a real people person, and can work well with a team, as well as on my own initiative.

      20-Nov-2017 Reply to Karen Perkins
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  • My career goals Last updated by Tina: 09-Nov-2017

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • My goal for 2016 is to become employed again despite being over 50 which (even though at my age an employer will never need to pay out maternity leave), seems to be asking too much.

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Exasperated in Cornwall
    • My aim in life is for a hand up to show my ability to work with general public in a General store as ilove meeting new people and feel wanted and appreciated for what I'm

      09-Nov-2017 Reply to Tina
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  • Technology Last updated by Muhammad Faraz: 16-Jan-2017

    We Ar the best and we are willing to have nice post when it come to job.

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    • I need a job but my qualification 8th class

      16-Jan-2017 Reply to Muhammad Faraz
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  • about work 15-Jan-2017

    i am working right now in birmingham centre but i am still looking for a job which is close to my house like northfield or longbridge place.thank you!

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  • Looking for a job level 3 nvq in cooking 10-Jan-2017

    Looking for a job in the newton Abbot area based around anything happy to learn new roles and become part of a team. Happy to do Monday to Friday anytime shifts

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  • New office job. 03-Jan-2017

    Have moved to Norfolk from London - looking for a administration / receptionist job - have over 10 years experience and have my own transport.

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  • looking for full time work arera market drayton 01-Jan-2017

    I am looking foe employment full time in Market Drayton House keeping ,cleaner,catering,food Production,kitchen porter.

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  • after employment full time job area Market Dayton. 01-Jan-2017

    full time job in Catering , house keeping, kp,cleaner,Food
    Production factory jobs.

    Qualifications Subject Hospitality and catering.
    Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery Grade merit pass.
    Level 1 Certificate In Introduction to Professional Food and Beverage Service Grade merit pass.
    Level 1 Diploma In Qualifications Subject Hospitality and catering.
    Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery Grade merit pass.
    Level 1 Certificate In Introduction to Professional Food and Beverage Service Grade merit pass.
    Level 1 Diploma In Professional Cookery Grade pass merit.
    Grade pass merit.
    working towards NVQ level 3 In Professional Cookery.

    please email if any companies that are Recruiting and hiring.

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  • Warehouse 29-Dec-2016

    I like to work on my own

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  • how can I leave my job? Last updated by Shannon greenwood: 28-Dec-2016

    I have been contacted by a recruitment agency on linkedin. I've been offered a new job better than the current. But I have to start next week.
    Now I'm fine and I get along with my current company. how can I leave my job?

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    • Just do what your heart says if your now happy in your job just stay

      28-Dec-2016 Reply to Shannon greenwood
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  • Re-employment Last updated by Shannon greenwoid: 28-Dec-2016

    Is it difficult to get re-employed although having a good career backing with more than 20 years experience. ..?

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    • Hi no I think you'd be a perfect application as you've got 20 years working experience,

      28-Dec-2016 Reply to Shannon greenwoid
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  • Jobs jobs jobs 28-Dec-2016

    Been searching for 3 years of finding an ideal job that I'd love to wake up and be buzzing to dtart work, only thing I've done & lived is being a kitchen porter and that itself was only work experience, but il keep searching

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  • Jobs free of... Last updated by Olanrewaju Olayinka: 28-Dec-2016

    My new job I want to be free of Discrimination, Abuse, Racism! Happy holidays!

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    • My dream job, is to open my own Holistic Healing Boutique.

      27-Dec-2016 Reply to Tobeloved
    • Please I need a good job with good pay.

      28-Dec-2016 Reply to Olanrewaju Olayinka
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  • homework 17-Dec-2016

    I would like a job working from home as I am disabled and can not go out to work , Which I find very frustrating. Please try to help . Thankyou

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  • change country Last updated by Nachid: 10-Dec-2016

    Hello all,
    A company has contacted me and this company offered me a job in Paris. They want me to start next week, but I know nothing of Paris.
    what do I do?
    Help me!

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    • Pronstar

      03-Aug-2016 Reply to Darren
    • any job in Namibia

      05-Aug-2016 Reply to katrina shimbudhi
    • Bonjour, je me présente marocain âgé de 60 ans, avec plus que 30 ans de service en industrie sucrière domaine technique production et entretien. Disponible compétent, dynamique et intelligent. Je cherche un emploi par le biais de votre site
      Salutations avec mes remerciements sincèresur.

      10-Dec-2016 Reply to Nachid
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  • Part time job Last updated by Amy: 09-Dec-2016

    Details about part time job,whom to meet and what salary to expect.

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    • It can vary a lot. It'll depend on the job, and on the amount of hours and of course on your experience and possibly on your recommendations

      09-Dec-2016 Reply to Amy
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  • Fashion 08-Dec-2016

    What great designer would u like to work with?

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  • Delivery Driver fast food Last updated by patience John: 31-Oct-2016

    Cash in hand

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    • please send me more details

      27-Sep-2016 Reply to KHYATI
    • Cleaning with experience

      31-Oct-2016 Reply to Patience John
    • Experience in domestic or porter or clearing in the hospital .Address.250 Old Kent Road se1 5ub

      31-Oct-2016 Reply to patience John
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  • Communication and Media Lecturer 28-Aug-2016

    I have done two Masters and an MPhil;
    Masters in Mass Communication,Masters in Film and TV Production,and MPhil in Communication Studies.I am an online writer too and have 18 years of teaching experience.I'm extremely passionate to get a job in some College orUniversity immediately.Also my preference is to do PhD in Communication or Media Studies with job on campus.

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  • I need an urgent Accounting job in UK 06-Aug-2016

    I have work experience in a microfinance institution for eight month and four years teaching experience in a high school. I also have knowledge on some computer software programs.

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  • My ideal job would be working from home 04-Aug-2016

    I'd Like to do work on the computer or take payments for businesses

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  • Are there any major pros in working this type of job? Last updated by paddy walsh: 24-Apr-2016

    What is the major value or take away you get from working this job?

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    • I value a living wage, permanent or long contractual commitment, fair bosses and good hours with a job I can get my teeth into and enjoy - this has positive results the better you love your job the better service you provide out of passion for being good at it.

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to Mark Doney-MCloud
    • I value good staff

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Thomas
    • I value my work mates as we should all work together

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to paddy walsh
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  • What skills should I have? Last updated by JobisJob: 10-Mar-2016

    In your opinion which skills do you think are essential for this type of job?

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    • The most important skills: language skills

      10-Mar-2016 Reply to peter
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  • Company culture Last updated by David Williams : 26-Jan-2016

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value loyalty respect

      26-Jan-2016 Reply to David Williams
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