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  • Labour 06-Jan-2017

    Looking for work in Aberystwyth

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  • plumbers 29-Jun-2016

    I'm a plumber with 8 years experience. For 6 years I‘ve worked in a construction company but since 2012 I am working as independent.
    As the sector is recovering I wanted to return to work in a company. Do you know of a company that is looking for plumbers?

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  • Start to work 27-May-2016

    I would start to work in construction. But I don’t have experience. I’m 19 years. Currently, I finished the high school.
    Can you recommend where to start?

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  • My dream job Last updated by Ali: 11-Mar-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is Steeplejack

      11-Mar-2016 Reply to Ali
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  • Company culture Last updated by Allan j Douglas.: 06-Oct-2015

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value most from a company to clarify all job details, and specifics before taking on assignments, clear and precise communication from the recruitment staff.

      06-Oct-2015 Reply to Allan j Douglas.
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  • My career goals Last updated by Victor .: 17-Sep-2015

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • My goal for 2016 is to make a customer service course and to work in customer service or marketing.
      I would like also to work as flight attendant on plane, but I'm not sure about the terms and how to find this job .

      17-Sep-2015 Reply to Victor .
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