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  • Do I need to take specific training? Last updated by Thomas: 12-Mar-2018

    I’ve 7 years’ experience as hvac installer and I’d like to take the plunge and become a lagger. I was always under the impression that you could do this without further formal training since I’ve been working in the AC field for so long. I’ve recently been told that this is not the case and that I have to take some specific courses. Is this the case? The fact is that this reduces my possibilities a lot. Giving up work in order to study is not an option for me at the moment because I need the cash and also I have a family and I don’t want to miss time with them nor neglect them. Has anybody been in my situation themselves and can give me some advice? Highly appreciated!

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    • Hi Jules, if you have considerable experience in the hvac field I don’t think you need to do any courses. You can but you don’t have to. I advise you to talk directly with a contractor and they’ll probably be able to explain. I also think that depending on the company they’ll be more or less insistent in their staff taking extra courses, some really prefer their staff to be in house trained. You can do an apprenticeship too.

      12-Mar-2018 Reply to Thomas
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