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  • Permanent, full time work Last updated by Bessie: 05-Dec-2016

    Why is it that experienced workers over a certain age are overlooked in favour of younger people? We have the skills, had all our corners knocked off and want to work hard for our company, but still keep getting turned down with the usual 'great c.v but not right for the job'. We are right but too old! Say it as it is, we've learnt not to care too much.

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    • I'm so with you Kat13! Nowadays experience seems to count for nothing once it exceeds a number of years, incredible!!! When I started my career senior colleagues were always ready to give their opinion or piece of advice... not that you always welcomed it. Many of us tend to think that we know better, and especially when we think we have newer and fresher approaches; but the truth is that after some time we normally realised that often times you could learn something from other people's experience. It was also good because socially speaking there was value in everyone, some from their experience, some for their fresh ideas... Today it's not uncommon to come across the approach that if you're a certain age, your experience doesn't hold any value. This may be somewhat true in certain aspects like latest technological issues (not always) but ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to other issues like dealing with people, to say the obvious, there isn't that much new under the sun, and certainly experience is often a plus.

      05-Dec-2016 Reply to Bessie
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