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  • PT Luton Last updated by Cynthia: 21-Jun-2017

    Why is it so difficult to find a part time job in Luton city centre? I’m interested in some sort of part time that gives me pocket money so that I can ease my parents financially. I can’t seem to find anything!

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    • Odd! What have you been looking for? I get a part time job every summer and have never had much of a problem finding options.

      12-Jun-2017 Reply to Mary
      • The only conditioning I have is that it be near bus route and that it be before 12.00 noon, that’s all!

        12-Jun-2017 Reply to Cynthia
        • Maybe you should be less restrictive in your conditions. If you open up to areas outside, but near the bus route you may be luckier. Still, I have found that midday availability is important, sometimes that gives flexibility to the person who is there regularly.

          20-Jun-2017 Reply to Mary
          • Yes mid-day is important, not just as a takeover from the regular worker but also as support for them because for example clothes shops can be a bit busier then. In clothes shops, also, evenings are busier than mornings and so it’s easier to find evening jobs.

    • Thanks guys. I just prefer to keep my evenings free to keep in touch with friends, plus I have no classes in the morning…

      21-Jun-2017 Reply to Cynthia
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