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  • Make up artist Last updated by Britney: 31-Jan-2017

    I'm a trained make-up artist, though I find that it's difficult to get the results that each individual is looking for. At the beginning I thought that the problem was that people were not giving me the right indications and that they were not clear about what they were looking for. Lately I've begun to think that maybe what I need is further training on how to evaluate the make-up style for each type of face and physiognomy. Has anybody come across this problem? My idea is that if people look well, they'll be more inclined to be satisfied with my job. Thanks!

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    • Hi Aileen, I had a bit of that myself. I don't know about your case, but in mine the question was that I wasn't getting the message correctly, whether because I didn't understand it well or because it wasn't explained to me well. In any case, that had an easy solution, I've made a point of spending more time in conversations to try and get the exact idea of what the client is looking for. I must say there's been considerable improvement in the results just with that.
      I also had a slight issue with make-up and physiognomy, and here again the solution was easy. I enrolled for a couple of courses over the year (I'm now finishing my second one) and the results are great! Sometimes the solution to a problem is far easier that you'd think!

      31-Jan-2017 Reply to Britney
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  • My dream job Last updated by Daniela: 04-Apr-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Hi,my name is Daniela Santamaria.
      I have been a makeup artist for the last 10 years .
      My dream job would be working on a big production company with commercials,tv,films,theatre

      04-Apr-2016 Reply to Daniela
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