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  • My dream job Last updated by coppull51: 28-Dec-2016 View last comments

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is to work in a hospice with the terminally ill.

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to Sian
    • My ideal job is administration and clerical, finance or customer service (customer facing )

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to Naomi Annette Mensah
    • My ideal job is training to be a nurse , then hopefully going on to become a midwife, I didn't get good grades at school, but would like to know how to start my exams again, to get the ball rolling !

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to Ms Rachel Schofield
      • My daughter is in the same situation that you were in April and she would like to know how you got on and have you any advice for her. She didn't have good results from school and has been a full time mum for the last 15 years. Cannot get a job but has always wanted to be a midwife to repay the NHS for their amazing care during her pregnancies especially the last one when her baby was 6 wks prem and she ended up in ICU and her daughter in NICU

        28-Dec-2016 Reply to coppull51
    • My ideal job is working in the new Habour in blackpool

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to Vane
    • My ideal job is somewhere I can use my medical skills without working on a ward or without any lifting and handling

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to yogi bear
    • Working on boats or off shore on a 2 week on 2 week off basis or similar.

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Alex
    • My ideal job is care assistant

      26-Apr-2016 Reply to Amy
    • My ideal job is Registered Nurse in Birmingham area

      27-Apr-2016 Reply to Gemma Verdu
    • My ideal job is to go back to working for estates within the NHS.

      29-Apr-2016 Reply to Darrell Tillock
    • My ideal job is work for NHS as career

      17-Dec-2016 Reply to Adam
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  • Internship hospital Last updated by edge2020: 12-Oct-2016

    Hi guys, I'm studing Healhcare at university and I would start to work in a hospital. How can I find an internship in a Hospital?

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    • I have the same question, and also need some advice

      08-May-2016 Reply to Ruby
    • I am looking for a vacancy at Blackpool Victoria hospital in the filing department should be under medical records

      12-Oct-2016 Reply to edge2020
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  • Opinion NHS care home 06-May-2016

    I would like to hear opinions about NHS Care Home. This week, I have been contacted for offer a new jobs of Care Home and I don’t know if I should accept or decline this offer.

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