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  • My dream job Last updated by Donna coventry: 21-Aug-2017

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is where i can help and listen to other people,don't want a mangers or assistant mangers job,i like to be able to interact with the people whether they are the very young,teenagers,middleage,elderly,from all walks of life,A job where i can go to work at 9 in morning till 4/5 at nite and do the job i like and to be able to be myself.

      31-Jul-2015 Reply to Aiden
    • I want to work at abroad work experience just graduate.... and not having much money ..... coming from middle class family ....but I can work in a cafe work as waitress...or helper

      03-Dec-2016 Reply to Bindu Philip
    • My dream job is to be a chef that's travels around the world

      16-Jan-2017 Reply to Tina1998
    • My dream job has always been to work either as an airhostess or on a cruise liner....i wish i could get a job like that....

      21-Aug-2017 Reply to Donna coventry
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  • No qualifications experience needed Last updated by Chuck: 08-Jun-2017

    If I have no qualifications for a job, how can I be expected to have experience?

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    • It's not impossible, you can do an internship or start at entry level with modest conditions and work your way up ... This is what I'm aiming at.

      08-Jun-2017 Reply to Chuck
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  • Looking for work 07-Apr-2017

    I am a South African, with a ancestral visa. Need a temporary job for a few day's. Need any job available. Not lazy.Will do any work that is required.
    Please contact me urgently.
    Thanking you kindly.

    Cliff Webb.

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  • Petrol station worker 09-Feb-2017

    Im at a age now and i know this is the job im looking to do now

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