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  • Commuting Last updated by Mike: 13-Feb-2017

    I’ll be moving to Northampton in a couple of months and have a possibility of good accommodation in Birmingham. Is commuting doable? Another option I have is Rugby, but it’s not sure yet whether I can get a place there with the requirements I’m looking for…

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    • Personally I’d find the distance Northampton-Birmingham a bit much, but that’s me. Rugby is a lovely place with a beautiful Victorian town centre and plenty of services and leisure activities. If you have children if offers a wide enough range of schools. If it was me, I’d definitely try Rugby first as me and long journeys daily are not a good combo. Birmingham, on the other hand is a different type of place, probably more cosmopolitan, busier and more modern.

      08-Feb-2017 Reply to Rosemary
    • I like Birmingham better as I like big cities, also I don’t mind driving long distances on a daily basis.

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Mike
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