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  • Times Last updated by Roy: 18-Oct-2017

    I’d love to work as an nvq assessor, but I keep hearing that the working hours can be a bit irregular if compared to those of teaching. Is that so?

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    • Yes and no. Definitely a regular teacher has a very good timetable, our case, we do sometimes and don’t others. It’s such a rewarding profession, though, that you’ll see times really don’t weigh so much in the end.

      16-Oct-2017 Reply to Roy
      • I see what you mean. Erratic or less conventional times are ok for me now, it’s the long run I’m thinking about. It’s when I have a family, or when I have a certain age that I’m thinking about.

        18-Oct-2017 Reply to Lisa
        • My! Thinking long term is a good thing, but sometimes you’ve got to take the plunge and later on correct your direction slightly to adjust to new situations. Still, the decision is yours and nobody can take it for you ;-)

          18-Oct-2017 Reply to Roy
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