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  • Personal Shopper Last updated by Amy: 23-Feb-2017

    I’m young and very active in FB, Instagram and pinterest and I can see that I could have a career as personal shopper because I can identify trends before they settle, even before they start. My close family are trying to discourage me because they see no future in it, but I believe I can do it. Can anybody advice?

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    • There definitely are careers out there as personal shoppers. Though it’s not always as we’d imagine. It’s not always related to fashion and home décor. If that is your inkling you may want to have some training related to fashion and design … or else a very popular profile in SM.

      16-Feb-2017 Reply to Sharon
      • Thanks Sharon, yes, i’m interested in clothes and home décor too. I’ve no specific training in those fields, but i hold a uni degree and have very popular internet profiles. Do you think that this would be enough?

        20-Feb-2017 Reply to Amy
        • Happy to help Amy. But I must say there’s no knowing. It’ll all depend on whether you manage to reach the right costumers. Another option is to try and join a company that offers these types of services, it might help. In any case, best of luck.

          21-Feb-2017 Reply to Sharon
          • I might try that, it sounds like an interesting idea. Many thanks again, i’ll give it my best shot!

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