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  • Physiotherapy and wages Last updated by Tracy: 23-Oct-2017

    What’s the difference between a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist assistant? Do both deal with patients directly?

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    • a physiotherapist is the person who diagnoses the patient and designs the rehab exercises that they’ll have to follow. The assistant prepares the patient to be diagnosed and helps and accompanies them during the rehab period.

      20-Oct-2017 Reply to Dorothy
      • Must not forget the wages. A physio earns twice as much as an assistant…

        23-Oct-2017 Reply to Tracy
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  • I'd like a career change, I'd like to be a physiotherapist Last updated by Joanna: 20-Oct-2017

    I’ve been a hairdresser for 2 years but I see that my real passion is becoming a physiotherapy assistant. I’ve been told that I can become one without necessarily undertaking any specific training course. Does anybody know if this is so or is it a rumour?

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    • It is so in away,…on paper. Truth is though that there are so many people that have taken training courses that you’ll always be at a disadvantage. I’ve always found this page very useful . I hope it helps you too!

      18-Oct-2017 Reply to Syd
      • Super, thanks for the tip. I guess it makes sense. Thanks for the link as well, I give it a good look!

        20-Oct-2017 Reply to Joanna
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