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  • Postwoman Last updated by Sony Una: 30-May-2018

    I have been out of work for nearly 4 months now, and since I love a good walk I'm considering applying to postwoman jobs. Do I need special qualifications for this?

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    • Really what's important is that you are literate, you can read postal addresses well. You're also expected to be physically fit and often times to have your own transport.

      06-Apr-2017 Reply to Susan
      • Have you much experience as a postwoman? I have a slight hip issue. I've never let it affect my lifestyle and because of it I'm well used to walking, trekking and in general to sport. I've a slight concern that I may not be eligible because of it...

        06-Apr-2017 Reply to Phil
        • Hardly the case Phil, I've had mates with several degrees of disability, no worries about that!

          06-Apr-2017 Reply to Susan
    • I agree with Susan. No special qualifications needed.

      30-May-2018 Reply to Sony Una
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