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  • What's needed? Last updated by Kurt: 27-Jun-2017

    Do I need any certificate or specific course to be a machine printer?

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    • Although it’s not essential, a qualification in reprographics, printing or the likes would help.

      23-Jun-2017 Reply to Richard
      • Of course a course would be useful, but on paper there are no qualifications needed, so you can start as an apprentice.

        27-Jun-2017 Reply to Kurt
        • That’s great, I don’t have a certificate of any kind in the field, though I’ve done some digital design and have an idea of visual issues and also of some aspects to do with printing.

          27-Jun-2017 Reply to John
          • You should be all right.

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  • Print Last updated by Rachel: 20-Jun-2017

    I'm interested in machine printing. What courses do I need?

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    • None needed, but, you're often expected to have GCSEs (A* to C) in English, maths, science and IT.

      20-Jun-2017 Reply to Rachel
      • I was told you'd want to have a qualification in digital design, printing or the likes. Is that not so?

        20-Jun-2017 Reply to Vicky
        • Well, the more you have the easier for you to get the job. Sometimes an apprenticeship is a good start. I'd investigate.

          20-Jun-2017 Reply to Rachel
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