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  • Motivation Letter. Last updated by Sam: 12-Dec-2016

    Mr. the Director,
    I have found the coordinates of your company in the Web site of
    JobisJob.com. Thus , I'm interested for a position of job such as
    Quarry Superintendent at Cirencester's Quarry in the country of United Kingdom.

    In my capacity as Mining Application Engineer, I am skill to exert in
    exploitation of mine knowing:

    - To prepare a plan of foration for demolition.
    - To calculate the load and the nature of the explosive substances
    according to the depth and the interval of the blast holes drilled and
    according to the hardness of the rock.
    - Then to work out and carry out a shot-firing pattern at the prepared
    In the first , I worked for seven years in mining research in Hoggar as
    Technician of the work of drilling shafts in a uranium deposit where I
    have been known to make the collection of samples from the bottom of the
    gallery through area mineralized from time to time to sample collection
    using a Geophysical Measuring Tool "SPP 2". When the survey work of profound, it is
    necessary to use another device called Geophysics Measuring Tool" SPP3 " for the carotage
    in borehole drilling.
    To manage an exploitation of raw material mining in the capacity as Drill
    and Blast Superintendent at Cirencester's Quarry in the territory
    of United Kingdom., that interests me and I estimate that I can fully assume this
    role from technical point of view to knowing to undertake in
    particular work of boring and demolition the mineral containing in hard
    rock and then to ensure the loading and the haulage of these broken
    products destination towards crushing and especially to take care of the control
    the mining personnel .
    About the maitrized languages: there are French and Arabic languages that I
    master perfectly but the English language I am only average.

    Yours respectfully
    Lazhar Chergui

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    • Hi Lazhar, if you're interested in a job, you must apply directly for the specific job offer. Best of luck

      12-Dec-2016 Reply to Sam
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