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  • Remote IT manager Last updated by Frank: 11-Dec-2017

    I’m an IT specialist and I’ve applied for several jobs, advancing in the process in one of them. Trouble is that the position is for IT manager (working remote) and the pay seems a bit low to me, 25k. Any advice?

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    • I find it a bit low, man. I’d say 35k would be more like it. If I were you I’d put it to them see whether their idea that that’s the wage or whether they have an initial pay to start that will improve as you show your value.

      11-Dec-2017 Reply to Liam
    • That’s a good point, thanks. I didn’t really ask them anything as regards wages, I thought it would look ‘wrong’. I will next time though.

      11-Dec-2017 Reply to Frank
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