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  • SAP job 17-Aug-2017

    I have just finished a training in SAP RICO and currently undergoing internship. Can I get a place in your firm as a consultant? Preferably Manchester even though I currently live in London. Thank you.

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  • SAP Last updated by Quintin: 08-May-2017

    I have a degree in engineering in Electronics and Communication. Am I eligible to work in SAP?

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    • Yes, you can possibly be taken, the only thing to bear in mind is that a lot of what you've trained for you may not be able to use.

      03-May-2017 Reply to Quintin
      • Thank you. Is this your case? Do you recommend it?

        08-May-2017 Reply to Ash
        • Yep. Although it took me a while to come to terms with not being able to squeeze all the knowledge I’d gained during my studies, it pays off and now I find it a rewarding career option.

          08-May-2017 Reply to Quintin
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