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  • going pro Last updated by Jamie: 02-Aug-2017

    I’d love to be a catering assistant, but I haven’t taken any courses. I feel it’s not that necessary anymore because since the success of programmes like master chef and the like it seems that people with good cooking skills can get themselves work even if they have no formal training and have basically trained as amateur cooks.

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    • I wouldn’t rely on the effects of these programmes affecting the ordinary Joe. There’ll be a few lucky ones who will be able to benefit from these, but not you and me… unless we participate in one of these shows and captivate the jury ;-)

      01-Aug-2017 Reply to Serena
      • I’m with Serena, you still need some formal training to get somewhere if you want to get beyond the basic trainee type position. Believe me, there are plenty of affordable courses out there, you don’t need to go for the exclusive, expensive ones to star.

        02-Aug-2017 Reply to Jamie
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