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  • Becoming a security guard - training 06-May-2020

    Hi all, I've recently lost my job due to COVID-19 and want to become a security guard. I am searching for a trustworthy company to buy the training off. Any recommendations? I came across are they any good?

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  • How to get a security job? 30-Aug-2019

    I am looking for a career in law enforcement. I want to develop "people" skills, conflict resolution skills, and other things. I am a student right now, is looking to do this as a weekend job. I have heard that of security companies who would hire for part-time work and offer courses. Upon completion of the course, they will help in getting security guard jobs, and following they would pass our details to other security companies. Later in life, I would have a better chance of getting hired as a police officer or other law enforcement officers, as I would have developed experience in things such as interacting with the public and dealing with conflict. So having said that, here is my question. Does this work? Will this open a window of opportunity in law enforcement for real? I am 18 years old, how long will it take assuming I would work as a guard from now on?

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  • Radios 03-Jul-2019

    Hi, What is the most popular radio you guys use, and the prefered ear piece? D/G ring or acoustic tube? I am doing some research into this subject for work.

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  • Warrants Last updated by David@SWBMACADEMY: 04-Apr-2019

    Hi im new in the security industry and am working as security for an accommodation building. 3 men turned up today with a warrant to turn the power off because the owner owed the power company 40 grand. They said they could enter by force if i didnt let them in, so i did. But should have refused entry? Would I have gotten into trouble for refusing entry since they had the warrant to enter?

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    • Hi,
      You would not be able to stop them if they had a warrant to turn the power off, if you did, most likely they would call police and gain access anyway (if the warranty was genuine). However, you should have notified the owner and your employer straight away, asks those people from Power Company to wait for the owner and perhaps, the owner would have dealt with them.

      On the other hand, if those people from Power Company were rude to you and/or did not want to wait, you are a security guard and absolutely entitled to verify each and every single individual trying to gain access into your premises. I would still notify the owner and the employer (security company) and tell them (power company people) that the validity of the warranty and their identities needed to be verified.

      In this day and age, people forge money, how easy is to forge a piece of paper. Especially, if you had no information about the debt or power company’s arrival. All security guards are entitled to identify everyone and verify the details, if they possess no information.

      However, if you knew about their visit, then you did right, but the owner and your employer should have been notified anyway.

      If you would like to discuss it further or have other questions, please see the details below to get in touch with us.

      In summary, knowing how many questions guards may have, we have launched a security community forum for security personnel. Those who are about to join or have already joined security industry are welcome to ask us questions, discuss issues and we will happily attempt to answer them as efficiently as possible. Please consider that none of our answers can be considered as legal advice, we just share our opinion and experience with you -

      04-Apr-2019 Reply to David@SWBMACADEMY
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  • poaching a security guard Last updated by David@SWBMACADEMY: 30-Dec-2018

    My friend is a security guard employed by a security company in Slough
    He has worked for them for about 5 years and has been working in the same placement
    for about 2 years. He was told by a co-worker within the placements organisation that the position he is fulfilling has been advertised and the co-workers recommended he apply.
    If he were to get the job would the security company be entitled to any form of payment for effectively poaching of a member of their staff?
    If so any idea how much?
    He is reluctant to tell the security company he is looking for another job.

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    • I would definitely apply if he's interested in the job. you don't have to be actively looking to find out about job openings. People talk and share information, and more so when with a click of the mouse or a simple share you can send information wherever you like...

      18-Apr-2017 Reply to Philip
    • Hi,
      Usually, security company contracts with both clients and employees include compensation clause, it outlines that neither employees have right to approach their (security company) clients directly for some defined period of time (3 years, 5 years, etc.) during or after terminating the employment nor their (security company) clients can employ security company staff directly for some defined period of time (3 years, 5 years, etc.).
      Should this contract be broken then whoever breaks the contract will be asked to pay compensation. For instance: if a contract includes above mentioned 3 year rule than whoever breaks it could be liable of paying whatever the profit security company should have received during those 3 years.

      You need to check the contract.

      30-Dec-2018 Reply to David@SWBMACADEMY
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  • When is Training/Licensing Required by Law? Last updated by David@SWBMACADEMY: 29-Dec-2018

    When is offical security training required if your title is not Security?
    I have been told if security items are in your job description then training is required by law.
    I've already researched it to some detail but would like to know what you guys say.
    Thank you!

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    • Hi,
      You are absolutely right, if your job description includes security elements in it, you need to go through the training, apply and obtain relevant SIA licence. Here is a link to licensable security activities -
      Hope it helps

      29-Dec-2018 Reply to David@SWBMACADEMY
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  • What should I do? Last updated by Derek Martin: 09-Aug-2016

    Hey guys, I'm a security guard for many years. I love my job and had never had any problem ... until a few days ago, in which a boy entered the store where I was working and attacked me. The company doesn’t want to pay me a compensation so please respond, what can I do?

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    • Do you have any injury? Did you call the police? You must do it!

      13-Jul-2016 Reply to Aiden
    • Sorry to hear of course. Commence legal action against the assault either via the store you are protecting if it is their policy or consider your own legal action. Compensation should come from the attacker and the legal system, not your employer in the first instance, then you should look at what insurances your employer has for you against attacks against the person at work.

      03-Aug-2016 Reply to Derek Martin
    • Hello my name is Sergei, I am new here, I just wanted to say that Derek is right...If you got hurt you should make pictures to have proof for any legal issue as it would help. Get the guy in court. I hope you are okay; Sergei

      09-Aug-2016 Reply to Yusupov8
      • Thank you Sergei

        09-Aug-2016 Reply to Derek Martin
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  • Security for a marketing event Last updated by allybongo: 08-Aug-2016

    Hi all, the company I work for wants to set up an event for 150 people. How many security people should we hire?

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    • Hi - Security numbers should always be based on the risks involved, not necessarily against the event numbers although conditions and insurances may already make this known. My understanding is DS staff normally work on 1 to 100 but again individual assignment risks should always be a priority.

      03-Aug-2016 Reply to Derek Martin
    • I got training certificate

      04-Aug-2016 Reply to Ahmed Rasn
    • hire me there wont be any issues

      08-Aug-2016 Reply to allybongo
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  • Company culture Last updated by Derek Martin: 04-Aug-2016

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value workers

      02-Oct-2015 Reply to jovany
    • Hi: Company reputation and Company Values - This hopefully will represent a good image from which you base your initial joining decision on and the rest becomes your own personal experiences when / if you join their team.

      04-Aug-2016 Reply to Derek Martin
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  • My career goals Last updated by alain: 11-Feb-2016

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • My goal for 2016 is to be sia close protection

      11-Feb-2016 Reply to alain
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