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  • apprenticeship? Last updated by Jodie: 21-Jul-2017

    Son of a tailor, I’ve grown up among fabrics, threads and patterns. It wasn’t until later on in life, when my parents’ business had already closed down, that I finally took an interest in it, and now I’d like to dedicate myself to it. My dad insists that I can start as an apprentice, but I feel more inclined to maybe cutting my teeth in a big firm.

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    • Well it all depends on what you’re looking for, but I’d go for the apprenticeship option. You’ll be mentored and will get indications and guidelines that I don’t think they’ll be giving you in a big company.

      20-Jul-2017 Reply to Jodie
      • I’m not sure Jodie, big companies also have their quality and standard levels, don’t you think?

        20-Jul-2017 Reply to steve
        • I’m sure they do, but they’d be more restricted to their particular objectives. I don’t know, it just feels like an apprenticeship would be more wholesome. It may be just my perception though.

          21-Jul-2017 Reply to Jodie
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