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  • training Last updated by Jack: 29-May-2017

    Does anybody know what sort of training do you need to become a slinger banksman?

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    • It's a simple but very important course. I took it in January, I'm glad I did. A lot is common sense, but it's good to be reminded, and other aspects are facts and you need them to do the job well and to ensure safety .

      29-May-2017 Reply to Jack
      • Was it very long? I don't know if I'll manage if it takes months. I haven't done any studying or training lately...

        29-May-2017 Reply to Rickie J.
        • If I don't remember wrong it took 4 days, in any case, no more than a week. I know there was a shorter one, but it was for people with experience in the job.

          29-May-2017 Reply to Jack
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