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  • Travel Last updated by Shana: 13-Mar-2017

    I’m soon to move to Southampton for family reasons. Aged 25 I’ve been working for a travel agent for the past 4 years. Unfortunately they don’t have offices in Southampton. Would anybody be able to advice on a good local one?

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    • There are several of them, a quick search should show you the most relevant ones.

      09-Mar-2017 Reply to Tiana
    • Southampton is a very important port for cruisers, and with its mild climate a frequent destination for tourists and holiday makers. Its commerce is also quite relevant. With your background you’re bound to find something that suits your experience. Best of luck and good choice 

      09-Mar-2017 Reply to Andrew
    • Thank you both, I’ll start investigating right away. Thanks Andrew, as a matter of fact it was not my choice, but I can see that I’ll be good there!

      13-Mar-2017 Reply to Shana
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