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  • Supermarket - finding work after 50 Last updated by Harry: 20-Feb-2017

    Why is it that from a certain age on it becomes so difficult to find work? I’m 54 and lost my job exactly 6 months ago now. I’ve been trying since day one, but no luck. I don’t think that I’m not getting a job because I’m not able for it, I think I’m naot getting it because of age reasons, and do you know what? I’m convinced I’ve more work experience and life experience than some of the candidates who get the job.

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    • I agree, it’s difficult to find work when you’re past a certain age. Having said that, we cannot forget that it’s difficult enough to find work below that certain age…

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Lisa
      • Don’t take me wrong, it’s great that people succeed in their job search. What’s not so great is that others get set aside for no reason other than age. This is the crux of the matter!

        16-Feb-2017 Reply to Edna
    • I was made redundant 2yrs ago. I’m 56 now and can’t seem to get a job at all. I understand that younger generations have more and better training and fitter bodies. But that doesn’t mean that older people haven’t got well abled bodies or that we have no knowledge that accounts for our experience or that we have no capacity to learn new things…

      17-Feb-2017 Reply to Paul
      • I totally agree. In my opinion trying if you combine young and not so young in your staff is a win-win option. Unfortunately, those who decide on staff profiles don’t seem to agree.

        20-Feb-2017 Reply to Harry
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  • My dream job Last updated by carol bunyan: 07-Aug-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is to work for a supermarket and train as an assistant manager and progress through the company

      23-Jul-2015 Reply to David
    • My ideal job is night shift work in
      a supermarket no weekends 4. Days a week
      30 hours or more

      07-Aug-2015 Reply to carol bunyan
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