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  • Can’t find a perm job! Last updated by Ron: 27-Apr-2018

    I’ve been working as a taper jointer for nearly a year now, and can’t find any perm jobs! All I get offered is temporary positions, and I’m growing quite desperate because there’s no way I can plan my life at this rate. Also the wages are quite low as far as I can see. On average, when I get a job, the pay is £14 per h. Is that not low? I thought £16 would have been the norm…

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    • Your situation is common enough. It took me several years to find a permanent position. They’re normally offered by big companies. They’re the only ones who can commit themselves. Smaller operations can only work on the basis of the basis of the construction sites they’re busy with at any given time. If you work well you could be called back once they have a new job and go on working for a while for the same company until they see the opportunity to give you a perm position. I was lucky and got that. Unfortunately the company sank 3 years later and I lost my job! £14 may be a bit low, though the average pay per hour isn’t much higher, it’s £15.5 if I’m not wrong. Best of luck in your search

      27-Apr-2018 Reply to Ron
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