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  • leading a team Last updated by beverley wright: 03-Jul-2017

    completed a level 3 diploma in leadership and management in 2015 and would li9ke to have the chance to use this in the future I was a supervisor for 11 years in a postroom job working for the government I have customer service experience and get on well with people and enjoy learning new things also training staff looking into a job too be able to do this

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    • Maybe HHRR might be a good area from what you say. I would look at offers to see what was being asked for and would apply. Nothing to loose there.

      28-Jun-2017 Reply to Jess
      • im thankful for ideas but not that good with computers so don't really want a job based around them I know where you are heading though thanks

        03-Jul-2017 Reply to beverley wright
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  • Team Last updated by Lilian: 28-Jun-2017

    I've been in graphic design for more than 2 years now and I'd like to get to the point where i can lead a team. I've worked with different people and I've seen team leaders and I think I can do the same job and I can do it even better. How do you go about getting there?

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    • You sound like you’re in a hurry! You haven’t been working that long to expect to get a team leader position. Normally that comes with time and experience.

      23-Jun-2017 Reply to Peter
      • If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about that now. Focus on gaining experience and learning from more senior profiles, you’ll get your wings from these things and will get there more easily than from trying too hard to be one.

        27-Jun-2017 Reply to Jill
        • It'd be tap and ballroom :-) I've already contacted a couple of places and I'm hoping to get some reply. Thanks for your interest!

          28-Jun-2017 Reply to Lilian
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