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  • tower crane Last updated by Colin: 22-May-2018

    Can I start as an apprentice if I have no specific certification for the job?

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    • On paper maybe you can, I don’t really know, but I’d say you really have to take a course to learn the basics. There’re a lot of responsibilities and risk involved and I’d say that employers wouldn’t be willing to take any risks.

      05-Sep-2017 Reply to Jake
      • Courses are long, but very useful.

        12-Sep-2017 Reply to Tucker
    • Better to do slinger/signalled first give you experience on the ground with cranes then add crane course to your ticket

      22-May-2018 Reply to Colin
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  • starting out on tower cranes Last updated by Martin: 22-May-2018

    Sorry if this topic has been coverd already but i am currently intrested in training to become a tower crane operator . I have looked into getting a cpcs red card and then moving onto blue card. I am unsure what happens with my job prospects between having my red card and blue card as i am not currently working in construction. Do companys hire red card holders? If not how would i go about getting experiance for my blue card? The only information i could find was about apprenticeships but i am 29 so too old to join one. Thanks for your time if anyone can give some advice

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    • Hi i am a tower crane driver for last 11 years . If you do your course do it National construction college you will get the best training there . Wrd to the wise think long and hard before becoming a tower crane driver as can be a gruelling job with lots of abuse thrown in too .If i was you ,id become a crane supervisor which is only a weeks course and salary of 50 k good luck .

      22-May-2018 Reply to Martin
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