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  • Tutoring Last updated by Rachel: 05-Sep-2017

    I’d love to be a tutor in the afternoons during the academic year. Whether it be with kids or with adults. I moved just over six months ago and naturally I’m having a bit more trouble finding people I can offer to tutor. Has anybody been there and can give me some ideas on how to better promote myself?

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    • Have you tried the bulletin boards in unis, that can sometimes be useful.

      04-Aug-2017 Reply to Matthew
      • I also put little notices in local shops (not all of them let you, but those that do, work fine too).

        04-Aug-2017 Reply to Rob
    • Because I move around in public transport I often put notes in post boxes locally, and if I have a recurrent activity in a different area that allows me some free time, I do it in that area too. It always works pretty well for me.

      05-Sep-2017 Reply to Rachel
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