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  • Transport Last updated by Liliana: 14-Mar-2017

    I've just been offered a promotion and that means I've got to move to Wolverhampton. Everything about it is great and positive, but I have a slight concern. I have 2 kids, 11 and 13 and for the family logistics to run smoothly I need them to move around in public transport. Is it an option in Wolverhampton for those ages?

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    • That’s a tough question, as it depends on the parents’ perception of safety and risk. I must say that my 18 year old has been using public transport since age 12, but at the same time, other kids his age were not allowed when the distances where long or the hours after 5ish. Soo difficult to give you a response. I’d say you’ll have to play it by ear once you see the scene. Best!

      14-Mar-2017 Reply to Liliana
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