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Care assistants play a key role in supporting qualified professionals inhospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and other health-care environments.Depending on the individual role and setting, a care assistant mayassist therapists or specialists by setting up equipment and providinghands-on support or by working directly with patients in carrying outroutine personal care duties
A standard 40-hour week is normally worked. For those working in GPsurgeries, this usually means working Monday to Saturday on a rotabasis. In other settings, it may be necessary to work shifts, which mayinclude nights and weekends. Many part-time opportunities are alsoavailable.
Although care assistants may not need any specific qualifications, it isimportant that they pass a basic medical test and a Criminal RecordsBureau check. While employed in the health-care sector, it is possibleto work towards a NVQ in health or health and social care. Those whohave passed Level 3 can begin formal training in nursing. Averagesalaries are around £12,000 to 15,000 a year, or £18,000 in the Londonarea.


A Care Assistant provides help and support to people with limitedmobility or other care needs. This covers a wide variety of patientsfrom people with physical disabilities to children with learningdisabilities to elder people. This support might be completely healthrelated or could also include social work like helping people writingletters or organizing their budgets. It may require to help clients withdaily personal care like washing, feeding themselves, lifting and movingpatients, using the toilet or helping families dealing with newresponsibilities.
Care Assistants might work in a family-residence, Residential andNursing homes and communities. Also may have to work with children withboth physical and or learning disabilities
 A Care Assistant usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Building a relationship with patients
• Identifying patients' special needs
• Supporting clients in their activities
•   Helping with physical tasks
• Establishing work routines that help patients with their dailyactivities
• Providing emotional and social support
• Liaising with family and health care providers
• Working overnight, shifts or live-in


• Working with anxious or stressed people
• Being emotionally sensitive and have good humour
• Being friendly and supportive
• Being flexible and able to cope with stressful situations
• Work as part of a team with family and co-workers
• Understanding the principles of Health Care and Hygiene


A good general education and prior experience is normally accepted forentry positions as Care Assistants. Some employers requirecandidates to have National Certificates or National Qualifications.Certifications and experience can be obtained through apprenticeshipprograms available in UK. Normally employers provide a 12-weeks basicinduction programs as is required in England to work in adult socialcare. This course would cover  principles of care, safety and security,communication and social skills, identifying and responding to abuse andneglect, career development.
Background Checks and Medical checks are required in order to work withchildren or vulnerable adults. Some employers require applicants to havea valid driving license when work position requires to support patientsin different locations.
This is a job plenty of opportunities to progress and obtain higherqualifications. To reach NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Health or Social Care isencouraged in some organizations. Advancement towards NVQ leadership andmanagement for care services level 4 could lead to become a care homemanager.  

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