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A career in the Police Service gives opportunities at many levels and in a number of challenging specialities, from straightforward operational police duties to criminal investigation and special forces, the fraud or drugs squad, child protection, the Mounted Police, traffic or even the dog handling squad.
Promotion is achieved by a combination of aptitude and several qualifying examinations and assessments up to the rank of inspector, and by selection for higher ranks. In general, day-to-day tasks are varied and involve a considerable amount of paperwork.
Key skills needed for entry level applicants are a commitment to operational policing and the ability to communicate with the public, to absorb knowledge during ongoing training, to make effective decisions and to work under pressure in a job involving anti-social hours, stress and shift work. Entry level qualifications are straightforward as the job is open to all suitable applicants from graduates to those with no formal qualifications beyond a secondary school education. Selection is at a local level, with a competency-based framework nationally agreed
The starting salary while in training is £22,000, rising to £26,000 on completion of the training period and a London weighting allowance of around £6,000 is payable, with a vocational pension scheme also provided.


Police officers are required to uphold the law, and prevent disorders and crime cases. They need to ensure community safety, by preventing crime and bringing offenders to justice. These officers can work in a patrol car or in a police station, doing administrative duties. They may interview suspects, search crime evidence, control crowds at events, helping at traffic accidents, etc.

A Police officer usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Searching for missing persons.
•   Attending emergency situations.
• Dealing with the public at police stations.
• Making arrests.
• Giving evidence in court.


• Having good physical and mental health.
• Being honest and trustworthy.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having abilities to write reports.
• Being able to make decisions under extreme circumstances.
• Being self disciplined.
• Having common sense and sound judgement.
• Having leadership skills.
• Being able to accept discipline.


There are no specific qualifications to be a Police officer. People can apply to this job at the age of 18 and sometimes it is required to have work experience in some capacity with people. A recommendation for this area is to have experience as a special constable prior application.

Some qualifications for this sector are NVQ/SVQ Level 2 in Public Services, BTEC First Diploma in Public Services, and BTEC National Diploma in Public Services. Candidates to this job are required to pass literacy and numeracy tests as well as health tests, including fitness and eyesight tests.

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