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Caretakers are responsible for maintaining the property of their employer and duties can include cleaning and repair work. Both short-term and long-term positions are available, depending on the client’s property
There are no educational requirements for this job but high school qualifications and experience will assist candidates in obtaining the position. Caretakers should have mechanical, organisational and interpersonal skills. Candidates are required to have the ability to multi task and possess the physical capability to engage in manual labour. Other requirements include looking after and operating machinery and ensuring that garbage is removed from the property
Caretakers are required to communicate with clients regularly and report back on the condition of the property, including information concerning repair work and staff. These reports can be issued daily, weekly or monthly. They should have the ability to work well with other members of the team and assist in the training of new staff if necessary.


Maintaining and up keeping a property, or building is the job of a Caretaker. The responsibilities will vary, depending on the employer and their needs. Everything that has to do with the aesthetics, operation and various functions falls under their care. These workers can be found in various settings plants, factories, libraries, banks, schools or even hospitals.
Some employers allow their Caretakers to be a part of the security monitoring team, working security officials and equipment. They may watch closed circuit television (CCTV) and report any acts of crime or vandalism. These professionals are required to be on the job very early and may work late hours or on shift systems. Apart of their salary package is insurance, pension, uniform and other benefits.
A Caretaker usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Cleaning the grounds and inside buildings
• Accepting deliveries and routing mail
• Repairing equipment and placing orders
• Overseeing surveillance
• Preparing rooms for meetings and events
• Monitoring air conditioning and heating levels in a building


• Being able manage crisis situations
• Being courteous, honest and practical
• Being reliable and practical
• Communicating effectively in both verbal and written format
• Following health and safety regulations
• Liaising with other workers
• Maintaining a budget
• Making minor repairs and maintaining small equipment
• Organisation and supervision
• Understanding technical information, building construction and design


There are no specific qualifications for conducting the job of a Caretaker. However, persons who have Construction, Building or Engineering certifications have an advantage. Employers expect their workers to be educated, at least, at the high school level with GCSE’s, NVQ’s or SVQ’s.
Some employers require that Caretakers go through background and security checks; having no criminal record. This may be especially true if you are working in schools and other educational institutions. Training is often given to these professionals.

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