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Often known as a customer service executive, officer, or a customer sales representative, this important role acts as the face and mouthpiece of a any company. While some customer service roles are face-to-face, many positions are situated in contact centres, where an agent will answer a query over the phone.
Job holders generally do not need any form of special accreditation or qualifications for that role. However, some specialist positions in the financial services industry do require some form of accreditation from those offering financial advice to clients.
A job holder may deal with a number of queries on a daily basis. Customers may enquire about a specific detail of a service, may wish to increase an order, or may wish to complain. This role involves a great deal of patience, a positive attitude and excellent communication skills.
The salary of this position varies according to experience, seniority and qualifications, but the average falls at around £15,000.


Quality customer service is continuously and highly regarded in business and has now been acknowledged at a higher level in the educational arena. Companies must consistently implement and execute quality customer service policies or face repercussions to their businesses. This may include losing clients and/or experiencing a decrease in profits. Various organizations have conducted research that proves treating your clients well directly translates to higher profit margins. In the United Kingdom, a large portion of their gross domestic product (GDP) is owed to their service industry. Customer data is routinely stored in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and is used to facilitate the tasks performed by representatives who work in customer service. It is their main focus to ensure that customers are pleased with a company’s products and/or services.
Customer service plays an integral role in business. Personnel who work in this area are in direct contact with clients or customers on a day to day basis. Information, about client inclinations and outlook, that will greatly impact a company’s future policies and plans are discovered by these persons. Focusing on customer needs is a pivotal stance in many companies, not only for staff that directly interacts with clients, but for everyone within a company. As such, customer service staff are encouraged to work with initiative and granted autonomy to enforce sound decisions.
Personnel who work in customer service are representatives of their company’s policies and stance in business. Satisfaction is acquired when a customer service representative provides quality service. For customer service persons that travel and provide a smaller volume of goods and/or services, the customers are even more important. Fostering relationships with these types of clients is integral to the success and longevity of a business, in that instance.
Usually customers do not come in contact with customer service representatives unless they are experiencing problems. When they do, personnel must work hard at appeasing these clients and resolving their issues. In this situation, staff experience high levels of stress and must execute restraint in relating to customers.
Jobs at the highest level in customer service must be done by persons of the appropriate aptitude and who find it rewarding. For them to do their jobs successfully, they are given total control and far reaching decision making powers to resolve the issues of clients. In the customer service arena, there are two subdivisions, indirect contact and direct contact. Indirect contact comprises of using various communication mediums and direct contact requires in person conversations with the client.
Customer Service personnel receive good starting salaries and even twice as much if they have some experience in their field. Staff with many years of experience make up to three times as much as starting professionals. Some companies offer benefit packages, and bonuses depending on their workers performance.


1. Being tactful, courteous and understanding.
2. Being an excellent communicator and listener.
3. Being trustworthy and efficient.
4. Being tolerant and persistent.
5. Being passionate about quality service.
6. Being multilingual is also an asset in today’s diverse business environment.
7. Being able to work in collaboration with other people.
8. Being able to aptly handle stressful situations.
9. Being able to resolve conflict.
10. Being able to work on own initiative.


The basic requirement for working in customer service is a high school diploma. Prior experience is also highly valued within the service industry. Specific training sessions will be conducted depending on the organization or company. In today’s working environment employers are now considering prospective workers that possess higher levels of education. Employers may also choose to conduct periodic assessment of their workers abilities and even provide opportunity for them to further their studies in customer service related courses.

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