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  • I need to make £200 a day, how to start? Last updated by Jennifer: 19-Dec-2017

    I need to make 200 gbp a day to cover my needs. I’m 22 and doing my last year at uni. I’m graduating in English literature. I’ve some ideas, but I could do with some help. Can anybody advise?

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    • man, you’ve got some needs… Seriously, have you not considered tutoring kids? It may be a good option. Walking dogs is also a good option to get a bit of extra cash… I don’t know if you’re a pet friendly person, but definitely it’s another option, even better if you can organise yourself to walk several dogs at a time.

      18-Dec-2017 Reply to George
      • LOL, part of my needs is helping my family, no weird expenses ;-). I had thought about tutoring but not about walking dogs. It looks like a good option. I’ll do the numbers to see if it’s worth my while. Many thanks!

        18-Dec-2017 Reply to Keira
        • I think you can make +20gbps per hour tutoring. Now, walking dogs I’ve no idea. I’ve done some pizza delivering and some lawn mowing. It worked very well for me…

          19-Dec-2017 Reply to Jennifer
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  • Really? Are there jobs that can be done from home and that pay £200 day? Last updated by Chloe: 08-Nov-2017

    In a recent conversation with someone I know, I discovered that her wages are huge, as far as I could understand, that she can very easily earn +£200 a day –I didn’t ask her too many questions as I don’t know her well enough-. I’m a teacher and my wages are well below that landmark, plus I have to leave home to work; that particular person did most of her work from home… Surreal!

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    • Do you know what she does? I might try LOL. Seriously, do you? Some jobs are simply elaborate and difficult and require of through dedication and loads of study and training.

      03-Nov-2017 Reply to Daniel
      • Well, I would expect a doctor, surgeon some engineers to earn high wages, but here we are talking about people who do voiceovers…

        03-Nov-2017 Reply to Chloe
        • I see. Well, you must remember that these people probably don’t often get to work 8h/day as with most other jobs … I’m only guessing …

          08-Nov-2017 Reply to Daniel
          • Still and all. Some teachers don’t seem to get a chance to fill in the day with classes, plus sometimes they have to go to different schools in the same day and not necessarily to schools that are near each other. Despite that, they don’t get astronomical wages. I don’t know if I’m making a clear point here.

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