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  • jobs for 13 yo 15-Feb-2018

    i am 13(14 in a few months) and would like a job. any idea where will be good in north west london?

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  • I want to work in my local pub Last updated by Sylvia: 24-Oct-2017

    Why can’t I work in my local pub if I’ve known them for years –been going there with my parents since I was little- and my parents don’t have a problem with it. Me mum says it’ll give me experience and will help me learn a lot …

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    • It’s a legal issue. By law, under 18s cannot work in factories or pubs or betting shops. Also you cannot work nights or during school hours.

      24-Oct-2017 Reply to Cris
      • There are many jobs you can take if you want to earn a bit of cash. I’ve been helping partime in a local supermarket. It’s relatively simple, but you get to see what it’s like to work for somebody else.

        24-Oct-2017 Reply to Sylvia
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  • Can I get a job if I’m turning 13 in 2 months? Last updated by Ruth: 20-Oct-2017

    I’m nearly 13 and would like to work and get a bit of money so that I don’t always have to ask my parents for cash. Can I work in my local coffee shop?

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    • You can legally work as long as you do it outside school hours, it’s not in places like pubs and stuff and you don’t do more than 12h a week. If you’re not 13 yet, you’ll have to wait as it’d be illegal. I think a local coffee shop shouldn’t be a problem.

      18-Oct-2017 Reply to Des
    • Can’t before 7am or +1h before school, or 7 pm if you’re not over 18.

      20-Oct-2017 Reply to Ruth
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