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  • Is 50k a realistic pay if you have no experience? Last updated by Chris: 03-Nov-2017

    I’m just out of college after finishing a degree in architecture. I’ve been talking job opportunities and pay options a lot with friends since I’m having trouble finding a job. At one stage someone said to me I wasn’t making my search well, because finding work for a graduate like me should not take so long, they also said that a 50k pay is an easy target, even with no experience. I took those comments as the sort of thing that young people say during a heated conversation. Yet, just a couple of days ago, somebody else said to me something very similar, and that made me doubt? Is 50k a realistic pay if you have no experience?

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    • Totally not! With no experience and architect would get something between 20k and 25k. To get to the 50k range you need some seniority. Depending on the area, seniority will pay a little more or a lot more than 50k. But I’m convinced that with no experience you won’t make the 50k.

      03-Nov-2017 Reply to Chris
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