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  • Bus cleaner Last updated by Mel: 28-Mar-2017

    I've been cleaning houses and offices for ever and I was considering a change. I've been looking for work cleaning busses. My husband says that nobody cleans our car better than I do. Would you believe that there seems to be a tendency to hiring men for that? I cannot seem to find a job and I think that in the sector there's still the old idea that cars are a male thing... it's not like i'd be touching the engine...so frustrating!

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    • I'd say you haven't come across the right job postings. There are many bus cleaning agencies out there, and as far as I can see, gender is not an issue :-) I recommend that you start approaching bus cleaning companies to start with. Best!

      07-Mar-2017 Reply to Phil
      • Not sure Phil, I've been looking a lot and applying for several and no luck yet. I'll keep trying though, I hope you're right with what you say and that in the end I get lucky.

        28-Mar-2017 Reply to Mel
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