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  • Certificate Last updated by nancy: 05-Dec-2016

    Currently, I work as care giver for old people but I don’t have any certificate of care Assistant.
    Is it required to have a certificate for care assistant?

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    • Yes you require to have SVQ2 for care

      09-Aug-2016 Reply to Catmummy
    • Can you explain to me how I get a Certicate for being a carer.

      05-Dec-2016 Reply to Patricia O'Donnell
      • You need to train for a SVQ2 for care. If you make a search you'll find many places that offer this training, and each of them will have their own requirements and procedures, though most are quite similar everywhere.

        05-Dec-2016 Reply to nancy
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  • Care assistant jobs Last updated by Joanna Flanagan: 17-Nov-2016

    I am a carer i work for Derbyshire county council I am wanting to relocate from where I work and live due to family living close by .

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    • Hi I am a carer assistant I live in scunthorpe I have nvq and nvq 3 medication nutrition end of life dementia and more details

      17-Nov-2016 Reply to Joanna Flanagan
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  • Social care jobs 07-Jun-2016

    I would like to start to work in social care sector. Currently, I'm a volunteer but I need to earn money for paying my rent.
    Can you recommend a company for starting to work?

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  • My dream job Last updated by kim collings: 04-May-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is to work for first capital connect

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to glenda gaines
    • My ideal job is Care assistant,Helping people who live in the community,continue living independently with a little help from ME!

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to John David Hoff'en
    • My ideal job is a live in housekeeper/companion for a lady perferably in the reading area, I have worked 4 years doing private homehelp,7years 6months as a kitchen assistant/assistant cook in a residential nursing home. Kind reguards

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Ann Marie Forbes
    • Kitchen assistant/care assistant in care homes Croydon

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Gifty
    • My ideal job is model that my dream job

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to elozie
    • working along side mac millian nursing

      29-Apr-2016 Reply to Kamal Shergill
    • My ideal job is care assistant

      30-Apr-2016 Reply to Hendrik-Jan [Rick] van der Hammen
    • Care Assistant

      02-May-2016 Reply to maryam
    • My ideal job is care case load worker

      04-May-2016 Reply to kim collings
    • My ideal job is working with animals

      04-May-2016 Reply to Leo
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  • What skills should I have? Last updated by agota szots : 09-Apr-2016

    In your opinion which skills do you think are essential for this type of job?

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    • The most important skills: patience, experience, communication skills

      05-Apr-2016 Reply to Lily
    • The most important skills: Humanity,caring,good listener,empathy,reliable,honest,sense of humor,punctually,trustable,good hygiene,reliable,loyalty.

      09-Apr-2016 Reply to agota szots
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