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  • Club steward Last updated by Julian: 05-Mar-2018

    After many years working as a subordinate in several establishments, I think I’m ready for a change and can start taking more of a leading role. I’m not clear about the conditions required because every time I enquire I get slightly or sometimes very different indications. Is anybody familiar with the real requirements? I’d be very grateful for some help. My CV includes 3 years working in Malaga and 2 in Crete.

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    • As a matter of fact, there’re many approaches to the desirable profile and also to the requirements. My experience tells me that It’ll depend very much on the specific post and even on the person / team offering the vacancy. At times you’re expected to be fully formed. Other times, the employer prefers to train you specifically following specific company values, priorities and style.

      05-Mar-2018 Reply to Julian
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